Wednesday, January 11, 2017

God or Satan?

For some mysterious reason, Mayor Dick Richards has allowed the mouthy females that surround him to dictate the use the City's Community Center.  Totally.

The Community Center is used exclusively for school children's after school program 5 days a week, until 7 PM. Some think of this program as "free baby sitting" for a small handful of self-entitled arrogant parasites.

At Tuesday's City Council meeting, former Mayor Sharon Fowler was denied use of the Community Center for Bible study classes because of the taxpayer funded babysiting program.

I suspect the real reason is Dick Richard's serious alergy to God.  Too much concentrated Godliness so close to Mayor Richard's residence risks melting his candy ass. Backslider big time, he is.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The lowdown

Two weeks after his arrest for complicity in trafficking a controlled substance, a lifelong resident of West Buechel is still locked up in Metro Corrections. If you want James Walton back at home quickly, pony up his $10k cash bond.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

How Will The M & M Council Fems Vote?

Mayor Dick has indicated his unrelenting desire to raise City taxes by distributing the very same Tax Ordinance that was voted down by the Council in December. If Mayor Dick would crawl out from under his bed long enough for a human conversation with the new City Council members without having a panic attack, he would know that he doesn't have the votes.

Big waste of time.

Come Tuesday night's Council meeting, Mayor Dick will be bitched slapped . . . again. I think he likes it. Pathological.

The only question is how Council members Janie Mosely and Brenda Kay Moore will vote. Will the M & M girls hitch their political future to the Dick Richards boat anchor as he sinks to the bottom?

Take my advice, ladies. You can't save Mayor Dick but you might be able to save yourself.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

How far down is bottom?

The steady motion of City Hall shows the captain's steady hand, except the "steady motion" is consistently downward and into the toilet.  Again. Once was not enough for West Buechel.

A mighty sucking noise from City Hall has replaced the $15,000 church bells former Mayor Sharon Fowler had installed. I wonder if the political insiders sold those bells and kept the change? Who said "rat"? Not me. Who knew the new rat was worse than the old rat, and makes her look good by comparison.

Let it be known to all men hereby, I proclaim: Rick Richards makes Sharon Fowler look a lot better by comparison to him. Rick is still blaming his shitty bookkeeping on Sharon Fowler's screwed up Quickbooks computer accounting. Marti told me that Kim didn't know how to use Quickbooks because it was all still there. Meow.

The Rick & Kim tag team took another $200 k bite out of City savings since 12/11/2016 last month.


From $1.8 Million in the bank down to $736 Thousand in 2  years, and Ricky is hot to raise taxes.

West Buechel City bank job

The City's bank balance took another big hit last month. Bank balances are down another $200k from 12/11/2016, during a period when City Property Tax collections are (or should be) at a yearly peak. WTF. It's Christmas time and if you can't spend other peoples' money at Christmas, when can you spend it. Don't worry. Be happy.