Friday, December 16, 2016

Tax Hike Flop

Mayor “Big Shot” Richards’ attempt to increase West Buechel’s business tax revenue by a million bucks fell flat at this week’s City Council meeting. Mayor Big Shot was counting on the votes of his two toadie council member friends and he hoped to swing Council member Mattingly to his side with his standard issue bullshit, blather and disinformation.
Alas, Joe Mattingly was in the hospital on Tuesday and missed the meeting.

The anti-corruption team on the City Council held together and voted Richards’ tax increase down.

The general consensus seemed to be, “You can’t manage the taxpayers’ money you already have, Mr. Big Shot. We’re not going to trust you with MORE!”

In other news, the Council voted a Resolution requesting Mr. Big Shot’s personal lawyer, a/k/a City Attorney, to investigate some $200,000 the City’s ace Treasurer cannot seem to account for.

Lots of luck with that one, fellas.