Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Battle for West Buechel

In a desperate last minute move, West Buechel's embattled Mayor Rick Richards (Democrat), has again resorted to illegally abusing the powers of his public office. Richards has sent out a political campaign letter on West Buechel City stationery urging voters to elect a slate of City Council candidates who are in Richards' pocket! 


In Richards' typical clueless style, he asks the voters of West Buechel to elect Council members who are committed to RAISING TAXES!!! The truth of the matter is that Richards is facing a threat that the City Council will REMOVE HIM FROM OFFICE, and Richards is in a panic to have his FRIENDS elected to the Council.

 Who are Richards' friends?? He tells us in his recent letter.

If you want more TAX and SPEND irresponsible City administration, go ahead and vote for Rich Richards' friends. If you want a CHANGE in West Buechel City Hall, VOTE FOR ANYONE ELSE.