Friday, October 16, 2015

Things I can't believe

I keep hearing from many different directions that most, but not all, City employees got a $5 per hour raise effective July first..


I still don't believe it. For most employees, that would be a 30% raise. Thirty percent raises don't happen, ever. Vernon didn't get that raise, so I'm hoping it's true.

When Vernon gets his deed to City Hall, I think he should use the Mayor's office as a walk-in closet and the Council chamber as a media room.

The popcorn maker stays with the building. 

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  1. Why would anybody in the city get a pay raise? I went in there and I swear the lady up front was born blonde, they don't know anything or where stuff is. How do you issue a parking ticket then don't understand when somebody wants to pay. Who is the new Mayor never seen him in the city? Lived here the past 20 years never heard of him, just like council who are they, what do they do? I refuse to pay my taxes because I can't trust somebody I don't know. Worst place to live, you have a police department who picks who they serve..GO FIGURE


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