Monday, October 12, 2015

Ten and a half rules, recapitulated

Rule 1 When the shit hits the fan, don't be there.
     Rule 1a Don't be a pussy.

Rule 2 Price your work reasonably affordable, but do not work for free.

Rule 3 How to keep a secret? DON"T TELL ANYONE!

Rule 4 Trust Jesus. Everyone else will let you down in some way. Everyone.

Rule 5 If you cannot do anything to make things better, make things worse.
Change must happen.

Rule 6 There is no upside to messing with things you do not understand.

Rule 7 Shit will do for brains if you have enough luck.

Rule 8 There is no fun in having power if you can't abuse it now and then.

Rule 9 Don't panic. Don't do anything stupid.

Rule 10 This has all happened before. This will all happen again. You just forgot.

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