Friday, October 16, 2015

New friends in high places

Give me a name and an address, and I'll write a letter. Some of my letters are better than others in the sense that some get a response and some do not.

When I write to West Buechel's City Attorney, I imagine that Casey's fax machine is connected directly to a paper shredder, but what can he say. Seriously. How can he respond?

"Oops, I screwed up. I'll try to do better."

I don't think so.

BUT, when I fax a letter to the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights, I get a phone call within two hours.

"Hey! What's taking you so long? We have Joe Mattingly's anal probe all warmed up and ready to go!"

That was the message, essentially.

The Kentucky Commission on Human Rights is ready to rock-n-roll in West Buechel. They just need the proper paperwork.

The Kentucky Commission on Human Rights has policies and procedures, and they take those policies and procedures seriously. They know their job.

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