Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Kim's most hilarious screw-up . . . so far

How did I get West Buechel's credit card number, in full?

Kim Richards gave it to me, accidentally (negligently).

A few months ago I filed an Open Records Request about her Notary bond and Kim gave me a copy of the application for her Public Official's bond. This piece of paper not only included the City's credit card number, it also included the card's expiration date and the 3-digit security code for the card.

It ALSO included Kim's own social security number, in full!

This was a serious breach of government confidentiality rules.

If Kim Richards is so freaking careless about her own social security number, can you really expect her to keep your private information confidential?

I don't.

Get the hook.

I don't know what Kim Richard's problems are, for sure, but I do not like the idea the City is paying for them.

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