Saturday, October 3, 2015

Eaten alive by lawyers

One of the things I like about Kentucky's Civil Rights statute is the provision for attorney's fees. KRS 344.450 allows aggrieved individuals to sue to recover damages resulting from discrimination.  That KRS section also provides the court's, " judgment shall include a reasonable fee for the plaintiff's attorney . . . . "

When a statute like this calls for "reasonable" attorney's fees, it's not what you would consider reasonable. It's what a lawyer considers to be reasonable. You would think of it as being the price of a nice starter house.  

So, basically, Joe is going to pay Vernon's lawyer. Ouch.

Such is the cost acting out your inner pig bigot and screwing around with somebody's life just to feel like a big shot.

I read somewhere that cats have such rough tongues because their bigger cousins . . . lions and tigers . . . lick the skin off their captured prey to drink the blood.

Think lawyers and another lesson learned the hard way.

Lions and tigers and lawyers!! Oh my!!


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