Monday, October 19, 2015

Clerk-Treasurer starting salary

For someone newly hired to the position of City Clerk-Treasurer, the starting salary is $15.21 per hour. This pay rate is clearly established by City Personnel Policy adopted by Ordinance. Clerk-Treasurer is a Grade 32 job classification. This is the Grade 32 pay scale:

This is purely ministerial and with no room for discretion. It is the Mayor's job to take the City's Personnel Policy and to apply it as written, without any quirky unilateral modifications. 

Since the task is purely ministerial, a public official's qualified immunity from personal liability does not apply.

I don't actually know how much Kim Richards has been paid this year, but if it is substantially more than $15.21 per hour, I say Mayor Richards owes the City that much out of his own pocket.

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