Saturday, October 17, 2015

Believing the unbelievable

I have heard it from enough trustworthy sources that West Buechel City employees actually received a Five Dollar per Hour Raise beginning July 1, 2015, except for Vernon, who did not get this increased pay rate.  The implications are staggering.

What is the meaning of this?

First, we have demonstrable proof that you cannot buy love and respect. Nobody outside the Richards Gang likes, trusts or respects the Richards Gang. Five bucks an hour doesn't change that. Therefore, by definition, if you like, trust or respect the Richards Gang, you are part of the Richards Gang, or you think you are. There are only five members in the Richards Gang. If you are not one of The Five, you're a useful, but expendable, chump.

Second, this $5 per hour raise is undoubtedly illegal, for a number of reasons. It could easily be criminal, but prosecutors are notoriously unpredictable and slow-moving. The really interesting legal question is: What does it take to make Mayor Richards personally liable for his blunders and overreach?

Third, if all the white employees got a pay raise and the only black employee did not, it means pig bigots are running City Hall.

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