Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Poor Joe Mattingly

It's Poor Joe, not for sympathy, but as an accurate description of Joe Mattingly's financial status after Vernon's lawyers get done with him.

The phrase I have in mind is, "Chew him up and spit him out."

Ate up by lawyers. 

It's a horrible fate, and there will be two sets of lawyers. Vernon's lawyers and the lawyers Joe will have to pay for out of his own pocket. It will be like two hungry dogs fighting over a pork chop, with Joe as the pork chop.

There is a price to pay for being a stupid bigot. The City of West Buechel will pay for Joe's mistakes, but Joe will pay even more  That's my prediction.

A single individual City Council member is nothing. Joe had no business supervising and bossing City employees. None.

When you talk to your lawyers, Joe, mention "under color of office" and "intentional interference with an employment relationship." and watch the beads of sweat break out.

When your lawyers sweat, Joe, you should sweat too. Do the math.

$18.00 per hour base pay
 $3.06  per hour CERS employer contribution (17%)
 $1.12  per hour FICA employer contribution  (6.2%)
 $5.77  per hour for health insurance
$27.95 per hour total pay and benefits

Including all benefits and contributions, Vernon was being paid $27,95 per hour by the City of West Buechel. That is $1,118.00 per week or $58,136 per year.

Vernon's birthday was yesterday. Happy birthday, Vernon. Vernon is 48 years old, with 17 years to go to age 65 and retirement.

$58,136 per year times 17 years equals $988,312.00. That is how much Joe Mattingly owes Vernon for getting Vernon fired just because he is black.

Poor Joe.

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