Saturday, September 5, 2015

Monkey see, monkey do

The City budget format used by the Fowler administration was an offensive bad joke to high school accounting students everywhere. "Contract Labor" is not a Capital Outlay, for pity sake. Neither is the Buechel Festival.

No matter how you cut that cheese, contract labor and the Buechel Festival simply cannot be made to fit into the box that accountants label as "Capital Outlay."  These are merely two examples of Bookkeepers Gone Bad that prevailed in prior years.

So, what does the Richard's administration do with the many promises of correcting the errors of the past?

They do it exactly the same way that Fowler did it before . . . wrong.

If you get the budget categories wrong, you also get the financial statements wrong.

When you get the financial statements wrong, honest auditors freak out.

Or, you pay extra for a CPA that is willing to blow smoke.  West Buechel bought the smoke.

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