Saturday, September 26, 2015


Its Saturday morning and cartoons these days are not what they used to be. I need something extra special after a whole week of bizarre twists and turns The kitten peeing on my computer keyboard was merely the least of the weirdness, but it turned out that me being at Walmart yesterday at just the right time was a Cosmic Necessity. I can't talk about it.

Thank you Zen Munchkin (kitten), Agent of Fate. Don't do it again. I took you off the streets, I can put you back there and we are heading into winter. Keep that thought in your little fur ball brain the next time you might consider peeing on my keyboard as a good idea.Think again.

The easy solution to my problem is something Scandinavian. 

My choices were between the 19th Century symphonic protest against press censorship by the oppressive Russian Empire (Finlandia by Finnish composer Jean Sibelius) or more pastry from Heitzman Bakery. I went with the pastry.

This is a Carmel Pecan Danish. It was picture perfect until I accidentally stucky my thumb in the icing.

You can't have any.

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