Sunday, September 6, 2015

Everyone loves Vernon

Well . . . almost everyone loves Vernon. The Troll of West Buechel doesn't love Vernon just because Vernon is black. The Troll doesn't like black folk. The Troll calls them the "N" word to their face when the Troll is feeling cranky. The rest of the time the Troll called Vernon "boy."

Vernon has been working for the City since 2012, and almost everyone loves Vernon.

So, why did Mayor Richards terminate Vernon's employment?

It might be because Vernon is black, the Troll doesn't like blacks and the Troll runs the Mayor. The Troll thinks HE is Mayor.

The trajectory of the present situation leads directly to the inside of a courtroom. I don't know what the going rate for jury awards is in these parts, but I expect to see Vernon driving a used black Lincoln Towncar before it's over.

This is just a prediction.

Firing Vernon for no good reason was a bad move. It will also be an expensive move for the City.

I also predict that the lies and behind-the-back slander will soon pop up about Vernon, saying he did stuff he didn't really do. 

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