Wednesday, September 16, 2015

An old fashioned treat

Amanda said the Dixie Highway Heitzman store (4749 Dixie Hwy) and goody factory does not normally deliver Chocolate Frosted Pull-Aparts. She told me that these were a very old fashioned type bakery product. Chocolate Frosted Pull-Aparts are cinnamon sweet rolls with chocolate frosting on top. She said they just showed up on her rack (Oh, stop it!! That's what she said.) unexpectedly.

So, she twisted my arm and I agreed to try one, and to force one on Carmen too.

Carmen's face lit up when she bit into one of those chocolate covered cinnamon sweet rolls. Mine tasted exactly like you'd expect a Heitzman chocolate covered anything would taste . . . way above average on the sweet decadence scale.

It didn't seem old fashioned to me, at all, since I never had one before. It seems all new and quite modern.

When I think of old fashioned foods, I think of tomato aspic or carrot salad.

Why are they called Chocolate Frosted Pull-Aparts?

1. The are covered in chocolate frosting.
2. You have to pull them apart.

It's too bad you can't have any yourself. That's just your tough luck. They don't make them very often.

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