Saturday, August 29, 2015

Not AGAIN!!!

For the last full year of Sharon Fowler's term as Mayor of West Buechel, the City had a large cash reserve in the General Fund.  The City started 2014 with $1,704,978.17 in the checking account and ended the year with $1,533,357.52.when Rick Richards took office..

 The average cash on hand for any month during 2014 was about $1.6 million.

I know this because I have scanned copies of every bank statement and every check for the entire year. I know where every penny that Sharon Fowler spent went, and Sharon Fowler was not shy about spending money. Her personal kitchen in the TEM building and the electric fireplace in her second suite of offices outside City Hall are my favorite examples of Queen Sharon's self-indulgent "screw you" attitude about taxpayer money.

However, according to Mayor Richard's June budget proposal, the City had only $1,083,815 in "Current Resources Available."


Hey, Mayor Richards, according to my calculations, that's a half million dollars less than what you started the year with.

What's up with that?

Does anyone on the City Council know?

Does anyone on the City Council care?

Where did that $500k go? Outer space?

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