Sunday, August 16, 2015

Community Center Kids in Newburg Day Parade

This Saturday, Vernon, Rhonda, Jeannie and I, along with two other adults whom I don't know and a passel of children  rode in the Newburg Day Parade. Twice. Bobby was dressed as a policemen and Ethan was, well . . . Ethan.

The West Buechel float was near the front of the parade going east on Indian Trail past Newburg Park. When we reached the end of the parade route, Vernon circled around through the neighborhood and got back to the starting point in time to do it all over again by bringing up the tail end of the parade.

Star Hope Baptist Church gave us free donuts. They weren't Heitzman's best ever donuts, but nobody is perfect.

When we got back to West Buechel, Vernon drove down every street south of City Hall and then back to the Community Center, much to the amazement of the few people who were outside to see us..

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