Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Be wise. Be insured.

Years ago, Louisville legend Dinwiddie Lampton Jr. appeared in a series of television commercials for his company, American Life & Accident Insurance Co of Kentucky.

In the ads, Mr. Lampton looked like a character from a Dickens novel, in a greatcoat, perched on his four horse coach, with long gray eyebrows and a top hat. Always the commercials ended with Mr. Lampton's somber advise, "Be wise. Be insured."

This same advice ought to be seriously considered by the people of West Buechel. Many states require lawyers to have Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance coverage, but Kentucky does not. The City of West Buechel could, if it were wise, require the City Attorney to carry a million dollars of E & O liability coverage. The City could even pay for the insurance.

When a City Attorney screws up, it potentially involves a lot of taxpayer's money. For example, if West Buechel's City Attorney messes up a real estate deal, as has actually happened, the cost to the City easily will be tens of thousands of dollars. If the City Attorney screws up the ad valorem property tax ordinance, it could cost the City some $300,000.

So, take the word from Dinwiddie. Be wise. Be insured.

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