Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Another reason to hate idiot lawyers

The Kentucky Retirement System provides for two basic job classifications, hazardous and non-hazardous. The hazardous job classification is for police officers and fire fighters who must be young and fit to do the job. The nature of the dangers and physical demands police face every day on the job from wrestling drug-crazed knife wielding weirdos to the ground is not compatible with waiting to retire at age 65.

The hazardous-duty job classification allows police officers to retire at a younger age, but it costs the City twice as much.  I'm all in favor of West Buechel's police receiving the extra retirement contribution. I think it is money well spent.

I wouldn't do that job. Get shot at? Wear body armor every day and have Carmen wonder if I was coming home at night. If I had to fight a drug-crazed knife wielding weirdo at my age, the weirdo would win and retirement would not be an option.

But hazardous duty retirement coverage for police is optional. KRS 61.592(2) makes that clear, and it says it several different ways. “Each employer may request of the board hazardous duty coverage for those positions . . . . Each employer desiring to provide hazardous duty coverage . . .  may request that the board approve hazardous duty coverage for those positions . . . . “

According to the official minutes of the June 9, 2015 City Council meeting West Buechel's idiot City Attorney, Casey McCall got it totally wrong.

Casey "advised the Council that his research indicates that the City cannot continue to classify their Officers as non-hazardous . . . they need to make the correction to avoid possible lawsuits . . . . " 

One Council member stated she would not consider delaying a vote on the matter because, "Attorney McCall has advised them that the current classification is illegal." 

It wasn't the least bit true, but not many people can stand up to a senior partner in the law firm of Bluff, Bluster, Bravado and Bad Attitude..

Lawyer Casey McCall is dangerously ignorant and he should be replaced as West Buechel's City Attorney before he screws up in a big way.

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