Thursday, May 14, 2015

The dog and the scorpion

A dog and a scorpion were standing by the side of a wide river, perplexed about how to get to the other side. The scorpion suggested that the dog could swim across and carry him, the scorpion, on his back.

The dog said, "But you will sting me and I will drown."

"If I did that, we would both drown." The scorpion reassured the dog. "I promise not to sting you."

The dog agreed, the scorpion jumped on the dog's back and the dog began to swim across the river. Halfway across, the scorpion stung the dog. As the poison took effect the dog became paralyzed and he began to sink beneath the water.

"You fool," the dog yelped. "Now we will both drown. Why did you do that? You promised!"

"I couldn't help it," the scorpion answered. "It's my nature to sting."

The moral: You can trust what people are, but not what they say. 

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