Monday, May 18, 2015

Mission Control West Buechel

You'd never guess the influence of a tiny Kentucky city like West Buechel reaches from the right to the left coastlines. Starting with a dip of the toes in the Atlantic Ocean on a Delaware beach last month, our good friend Logan McCulloch (code name "Unitic") started his walk across the United States.

Many minds boggle at the idea of walking across America, but Logan is a mind boggling type of guy. His practice lap was to walk from Maine to North Carolina along the Appalachian Trail two years ago. That trek was merely one thousand eight hundred forty-seven miles, and half of it was downhill. Of course, the other half was uphill.

Logan is following the American Discovery Trail,  which is a trifling five thousand miles and mostly flat. Just think about walking across Kansas. Yawn.  Is Logan crazy?

For lack of a better word, yes. But he is on a mission and West Buechel's own Drew Allgeier is running Mission Control and Logistics from Marvin Avenue.

You can read about the mission on Trek for Truth.

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