Saturday, May 9, 2015

City Council voting record

In December, 2013, Council member Toby Clark suggested lowering the Occupational Tax from 1.5% to 1.4%.

Council members Campbell, Clark and Crawford voted yes.
Council members Bierbaum, Moore and Mosley voted no.
Mayor Fowler broke the tie with her no vote. 

In June, 2014, Council member Toby Clark introduced an Ordinance to lower the Occupational Tax from 1.5% to 1%.

Council members Campbell, Clark, Crawford and Moore voted in favor of the tax reduction.
Council members Bierbaum and Mosley voted no.
Mayor Fowler vetoed the Ordinance.

Council members Campbell, Clark and Crawford seem to have been consistently in favor of lowering the Occupational Tax. Council member Moore was running for Mayor last year. Mayor Fowler was a safe bet to veto the decrease, so Moore's flip-flop was meaningless. It was an empty gesture in an election year and just for show.

All of West Buechel's taxes need to be examined in relation to the basic operational needs of the police, administrative and maintenance functions, and common sense. First you need to know the budget demands of the city. Clearly there has been more than enough income to cover basic government needs and countless of Fowler's frivolous or extravagant spending urges.

West Buechel is totally dependent upon the businesses located here, and there is a risk the politicians will kill the golden goose. More than one business has relocated or has shifted significant operations away from West Buechel in the past few years because of excessive taxation. I've seen it in the records. I've heard it from the businesses.

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