Thursday, April 16, 2015

The importance of city budgets

KRS 91A.030 Annual budget.

(1) Each city shall operate under an annual budget ordinance adopted and administered in accordance with the provisions of this section. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no city shall expend any moneys from any governmental or proprietary fund, except in accordance with a budget ordinance adopted pursuant to this section.
(2)* * *
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(10)* * *
(11) Administration and implementation of an adopted budget ordinance shall be the responsibility of the executive authority of the city. That responsibility shall include the preparation and submission to the legislative body of operating statements which shall include budgetary comparisons of each governmental fund for which an annual budget has been adopted. These reports shall be submitted not less than once every three (3) months in each fiscal year.
(12)* * *
(13) "No city agency, or member, director, officer, or employee of a city agency, may bind the city in any way to any extent beyond the amount of money at that time appropriated for the purpose of the agency. All contracts, agreements, and obligations, express or implied, beyond existing appropriations are void; nor shall any city officer issue any bond, certificate, or warrant for the payment of money by the city in any way to any extent beyond the unexpended balance of any appropriation made for the purpose."

92.340 Liability of city of home rule class for violation of KRS 92.330 or 91A.030(13) -- Remedies.
"If, in any city of the home rule class, any city tax revenue is expended for a purpose other than that for which the tax was levied or the license fee imposed, each officer, agent or employee who, by a refusal to act, could have prevented the expenditure, and the members of the city legislative body who voted for the expenditure, shall be jointly and severally liable to the city for the amount so expended. The amount may be recovered of them in an action upon their bonds, or personally. The city attorney shall prosecute to recovery all such actions. If he fails to do so for six (6) months after the money has been expended, any taxpayer may prosecute such action for the use and benefit of the city. A recovery under this subsection shall not bar a criminal prosecution. Any indebtedness contracted by a city of the home rule class in violation of this subsection or of KRS 92.330 or 91A.030(13) shall be void, the contract shall not be enforceable by the person with whom made, the city shall never assume the same, and money paid under any such contract may be recovered back by the city."

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