Monday, April 13, 2015

News for GE Appliance Park employees

Getting Back to Business
AP Progress Report
Monday, April 13
GE Appliances employees’ source to stay up-to-date on our progress to resume full operations at Appliance Park following the AP6 fire. Email us at with questions.  
Returning to Work on Tuesday
Hourly employees in building 3 and stamping in building 2 will return to work on Tuesday.
Building 1 employees on Line 2 and all support areas of Line 2 should continue to report to work at Appliance Park this week. The remaining AP1 employees will stay on LOW for the rest of this week.
All hourly employees in buildings 2, 4, 5 and 10, as well as all salaried employees, should continue to report to work at Appliance Park this week.
Changes to AP Services for Tuesday, 4/14
1.    AP Medical/PWCC/PACNormal operations.
2.    Park Cafés – Normal operations.
3.    Mail roomNormal operations. Starting this week, employees relocated from AP6 & AP35 will receive mail in their new work locations.
4.    Newbold Janitorial Services – Normal operations.
5.    Xerox Copy Center – Closed until further notice.
From the Scene
Investigators remain on the scene and focused on the southwest corner of AP6 as a potential point of origin. Contractors hired by GEA are supporting investigators by moving debris as needed.                   
Getting Back to Business
The cross-functional team from Materials, Sourcing, Supplier Quality, IT, Technology, Product Management, Fulfillment, Legal and Finance continues to work around the clock to replace parts lost in the fire at a record pace. Last week, the team initiated 160 air shipments compared to a typical week which would only see a handful of air shipments. The team has also expedited approximately 120 trucks from Seattle, where some shipments arrive by sea.
More than 115 suppliers have been called upon and more than a dozen suppliers received on-site help from our team, to improve their capacity. Additionally, the Supplier Quality and Technology teams have worked to find more than a dozen alternate parts or suppliers to fill gaps.
Finally, the team entered into a lease for a new, strategically-located facility. Twenty-eight trailers with more than 1,100 skids of material were unloaded there this past weekend. The new facility has more than five times the docks as AP6 and ten times more out-going shipment doors.
A look inside the new warehouse for production parts
At the request of authorities and to ensure your safety, employees are reminded that they should not approach the newly constructed AP6 fence line. 
Inspectors and claims adjustors will be on site to continue investigations and assess the damage. If employees are asked questions by the adjustors, they should refrain from comment and refer the adjustors to or
Media continue to cover the story are receiving daily updates from the communications team. Employees are asked to refer any media inquiries to
Anyone experiencing debris or property damage as a result of the fire at GE Appliance Park should call Electric Insurance to obtain information at (888) 456-7445. Call-takers are on duty daily from 8 am-2 pm; a voice mailbox will record calls during off hours.

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