Friday, April 17, 2015

AP progress report April 17, 2015

Getting Back to Business
AP Progress Report
Friday, April 17

GE Appliances employees’ source to stay up-to-date on our progress to resume full operations at Appliance Park following the AP6 fire. Email us at with questions. Going forward, these messages will be issued on an as-needed basis to share new information.

Returning to Work on Monday
All hourly employees in buildings 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10, as well as all salaried employees, should report to work at Appliance Park on Monday.

Change to AP Services for Mon., 4/20
Xerox Copy Center – Closed. Employees may use FedEx Office as a temporary replacement. Pcards may be used temporarily due to the circumstances. Please use GEA account number 0647126081. Learn more.

Connecting with our Customers
As you have heard on multiple occasions, the business has worked very hard to minimize the impact of the fire on our customers. The Sales team has delivered several, specific communications to customers over the past two weeks, providing them updates on our production status and progress. Overall the feedback has been very supportive, with sincere concern about our people and our products.
The Commercial teams continue to execute our April Great American Kitchen Event and have communicated adjustments to our Memorial Day promotional plan to best serve all of our customers.
The execution by the numerous teams working on the production recovery has provided strong confidence in our direction and ability to serve all customers going forward. Orders remain strong and our good momentum continues.

A New Normal
Employees who previously worked in the AP6 offices are settling into their new work locations. Thanks to everyone who has supported these moves, and those who have welcomed new neighbors into their office areas. The AP6 Alumni are receiving regular updates on the status of their former offices and came together Thursday, April 16 for an AP6 Alumni meeting in Monogram Hall.

Mark Shirkness, GM-Distribution & Services and Integration Planning Leader with 100 team members that had offices in AP6, had this to say following the meeting: “The morale of the AP6 Alumni remains strong. We are all grateful for the support and inquiries from colleagues. We ask that those across the business with whom we work remain patient and mindful that we don’t have all of the files and materials from our former offices. We are doing our best without them and appreciate the understanding.”

Meanwhile, employees temporarily displaced from AP35 have been notified that the building will reopen on Monday. Telephones will remain out of service until new infrastructure may be completed so please contact employees by email or cell phone in the interim. Additionally, labs within AP35 will remain down temporarily until all power loads are confirmed.

A Message from a Neighbor
The following note was received from a neighbor in response to the letter GE Appliances mailed last week to residences and businesses within a two-mile radius of Appliance Park.

Appliance Park Benefits Sessions Next Week for GEA employees

The GE Benefits sessions for GE Appliances employees will be held next week for Appliance Park salaried and hourly employees. Hourly employees have received the dates and times of their sessions in the plants. Salaried employees are asked to please review the schedule below and attend the session that meets their specific situation. All sessions will be held in Monogram Hall.  Given the parking constraints around Monogram Hall, salaried employees should park in their normal building lot and walk to Monogram Hall.

Choosing the benefits session that’s right for you
Employees will be divided into three categories based on age and service with GE as of June 1, 2015 (the current Integration team planning date), and asked to attend the appropriate meeting. The categories are:

Retirement Eligible
An employee who is age 60 or over on the date of June 1, 2015.

Special Benefits Protection (SBP) Eligible
An employee who is under the age of 60 on the date of June 1, 2015, and who has 25 years of Pension Qualification Service (or 25 years of Continuous Service for benefit protection other than pension).

Transfer Eligible
An employee who is not Retirement Eligible or Special Benefits Protection eligible on the date of June 1, 2015.

The sessions will last approximately 90 minutes depending on the amount of questions and answers.  Click on the appropriate link to download a meeting request to your calendar.

At the request of authorities and to ensure your safety, employees are reminded that they should not approach the newly constructed AP6 fence line. 

Inspectors and claims adjustors will be on site to continue investigations and assess the damage. If employees are asked questions by the adjustors, they should refrain from comment and refer the adjustors to or
Employees are asked to refer any media inquiries to

Nearby residents experiencing debris or property damage as a result of the fire at GE Appliance Park should call Electric Insurance to obtain information at (888) 456-7445. Call-takers are on duty daily from 8 am-2 pm; a voice mailbox will record calls during off hours.

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