Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Sunday morning conversation

A reader of this blog emailed me this morning. This is the exchange.

Reader: "Maybe everyone should take a step back and let this administration work thru  their problems instead of constantly stirring the pot and making the city look worse than it is everyday."

My reply: "Maybe. Maybe things need to change right now before somebody else gets into serious trouble."

Reader's response: "Wonder why , if no one was bonded in the previous administration , all of a sudden it is such a big deal now. Certain members of the council had knowledge and did nothing but now they want to bang the drums. Wonder who is driving the train? Joe and Charlie brought it up to the council and nothing was done. Guess it depends on who you are and how much power you have."

My answer: "The previous administration violated the law repeatedly and habitually. Allowing illegality to continue during the Richards administration is not going to happen."

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  1. Telling the truth doesn't make us look bad.

    Trying to silence the truth teller does.


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