Saturday, March 21, 2015

This must change

The old car had a busted driver's side window covered with plastic and duct tape. The woman driver was about 87 years old and hobbled along with a walker, like her automobile hobbled along with a plastic covered window. When the window got busted, the old woman's handicapped parking placard got knocked off the rear view mirror.

The old woman didn't notice that her ticket to park was on the floor.

When West Buechel's excellent and effective Code Enforcement Officers detected this crime, the old woman was gone. She had parked her car in the handicapped spot and went into the store. All the Code Enforcement Officers had was an empty car parked in a handicapped spot. Without the placard on display, it was a civil infraction and a civil fine.

When the 87 year old woman struggled to walk into City Hall to pay her $25 fine for having bad luck, Joe nearly cried at the shame of West Buechel for allowing this to happen.

I have to agree with Joe that this is not right, and it should change.

I do not agree with Joe that it was the Code Enforcement Officer's fault for doing mean things to old women.

There was no old woman in the parked car when the Code Enforcement Officer came by, and the car wasn't talking. You can't expect Code Enforcement Officers to wait around to see who shows up to get into the parked car. That would be silly.

I do think it is a problem that can be fixed, and it should be fixed. 


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