Tuesday, March 10, 2015

John Kelly sues West Buechel

According to a story on WHAS TV, John Kelly has filed a civil action against the City of West Buechel "to get his job back" with the West Buechel Police Department. Apparently, the civil complaint filed in John Kelly vs. City of West Buechel, et al., cause number 15-CI-000812, alleged that Kelly was fired from the West Buechel Police Department "because he had incriminating information about city officials."

There's no point in asking City officials about it. The answer, quite properly, will be "no comment."

But, it's a stupid lawsuit. If Kelly cannot produce some incriminating evidence that everyone doesn't already know about, he's screwed.

If he can produce incriminating evidence but he's been sitting on it, he's screwed It's very un-cop like behavior.


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