Thursday, March 5, 2015

Budget basics: The problem with sidewalk projects

It seems that nearly everyone wants the drainage/sidewalk project completed. Fortunately, there is money enough to get it done, especially with Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) paying a large part of the cost.

Well, not exactly.

When I look at my Louisville Water bill, I see that I'm paying for the drainage part of it, and so are you.

The only real problem with the sidewalk project is that it is not a drainage project. A drainage project is not a sidewalk project and a sidewalk project is not a drainage project. They are two distinctly different, although related, types of projects. MSD does NOT pay for sidewalks.

There is nothing in the current City of West Buechel budget allocating any money for the construction of sidewalks. Ever since Mayor Richards conceived the project in 2003 and got it half done before former Mayor Fowler killed it, it has been called the "Sidewalk/Drainage" project.

The current West Buechel operating budget, dating from 2012, provides $100,000 for drainage, but nothing for sidewalks.


This project has been on hold for eight years. The engineering report was written twelve years ago. It is now time for the City Council to budget some money for sidewalks and get this train back on its track.You cannot take the money budgeted for drainage and spend it on sidewalks.

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