Saturday, February 28, 2015

What does a state audit cost?

A state audit is much less expensive then would be a private audit.

A state audit will cost the City of West Buechel $72 per hour, per auditor, using professional time billing standards. Among other things, this generally would mean $72 per hour regardless what the auditors are doing and it includes travel time. If you make a state auditor sit in your waiting hall, the auditor is sitting and waiting at a rate of $72 per hour.

Two auditors are twice as expensive as is for but one auditor. Two auditors clock in at $144 per hour.

Every time it is necessary for two auditors to come from Frankfort to West Buechel, it costs the city about $1000.00.

How much will it cost?

As long as it takes, at $72 per hour per auditor, not counting the Mayor's time, the Clerk's time and the Clerk-Treasurer's time.

Plus postage.

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