Sunday, February 1, 2015

West Buechel's Ethics Board died and nobody noticed.

City Ordinance 179, Series 2000, establishing a Code Enforcement Board was clearly copied from a model ordinance. The model for this ordinance possibly was provided by Kentucky League of Cities, but I don't know for sure.

The model ordinance had two different provisions for the number of Board Members. One alternative provided for five Board Members. Another option allowed for seven Board Members. West Buechel's City Council passed the Ordinance with both options. West Buechel's Code Enforcement Board has nearly a half dozen Board Members, more or less. It's either 5 or 7, take your pick, but let's just settle on 6 because . . .  what the hell, why not?

To make matter worse, prior administrations have combined the Code Enforcement Board and the Ethics Board in actual practice, with overlapping memberships.

City Ordinance 150, Series 1994, established the Ethics Board and it clearly prohibited Ethics Board Members from holding any other City office, paid or unpaid ( Section 19). It was a violation of Ordinance 150 for any Ethics Board Member to also serve on the Code Enforcement Board.

These are goofy mistakes, and EVERYONE went along with it. Nobody screamed bloody murder.

The West Buechel Ethics Board has not existed or functioned legally for decades.

West Buechel's Ethics Board doe not exist now. You have to go back to the 20th Century to find a valid Ethics Board. The Ethics Board is DEAD.

However, it can be resurrected and it probably should be. The previously prevailing political and governmental practices in West Buechel need a serious dose of double-strength ethics, in my opinion. The neighborhood population of feral political hacks needs to be spayed and neutered.

Give them rabies shots too.

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