Sunday, February 15, 2015

Thanks to Toby and Liz

Many thanks to Council Members Toby Clark and Liz Bierbaum. At last Tuesday's monthly City Council Meeting, each voted against the preposterous idea that Council Members receive $100 for a day trip "out of town," whatever that means. If you like home cooking, you can take a sack lunch. If you like to eat out, you'd pay for lunch out of your own pocket anyway.

Overnight out of town trips are a different story when you have to eat at restaurants for every meal.

Liz Bierbaum was especially eloquent in researching and explaining how the proposed Ordinance lacked most signs of intelligent life.

Alas, the first major legislative spending accomplishment of 2015 passed anyway.

Too bad they didn't give the first thought or mention how this new allocation of taxpayer money fit into the City's budget.

What budget? There is no stinking budget.

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