Sunday, February 22, 2015

Housing units in West Buechel

There are 128 single-family residential houses in West Buechel. Seventy-seven (60%) are owner occupied. Fifty-one houses (40%) are rental units. If one were to add in the number of rental apartments in Fountain Square and Royal Arms, the percentages reverse, with 60% rental and 40% owner-occupied, city-wide.

About a dozen of the West Buechel rental houses are owned by residents of West Buechel.

Fifty-two of the rental houses are owned by citizens of Jefferson County, and about a dozen are owned from out-of-state addresses.


  1. How many belong to Rick?

    1. You should ask Rick. He'll tell you. It's no secret. I'm kinda busy today. Thanks for asking.

    2. Anyway, Mayor Richards owns seven rental houses in West Buechel that I know of, plus his personal residence, plus a building used by Century Lighting. I believe he also owns one or more rental houses outside West Buechel, but I don't know how many or where they are located. I could find out, but I don't care. You could find out yourself, if you cared enough to do it.

      Rick has been very successful in real estate. He puts a lot of work into his real estate and the houses I've seen have all been very nice. By all appearances, Mayor Richards is much better at business than was former Mayor Fowler. It's clear to me that Rick didn't run for Mayor of West Buechel for the money.

      Being Mayor of West Buechel is a shit job, by any standard.


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