Friday, February 6, 2015

Cheating in West Buechel

First, go wash your mind out with soap.

I write "cheating" and you think "sex."

LOL, but you are forgiven. It takes a very bizarre sequence of coincidences for any sane person to be thinking about tax cheats at 6 AM, but so it is.

This is the short version.

There are small home-based businesses and there are small businesses where the business has an authentic business location apart from the business owner's residence. The difference is between residential property and commercial property. One hundred years ago combined function real estate was common where, for example, the shop owner lived on the second floor above the shop. It's not that way so much any more.

Kentucky business registration information is online and accessible at 6 AM, and I had an itch to look at something or another. What I found wasn't what I was looking for.

If you check out the street addresses freely available from the Kentucky Secretary of State's web site it is possible to see that someone who has a commercial location inside West Buechel and who resides outside West Buechel is pretending otherwise.

The State's corporation online record shows  the reverse.

All in the world who take the paperwork at face value do not suspect that a commercial business located in West Buechel has set up official appearances to facilitate fraudulently shaving off a point from its annual tax bill by pretending to be outside West Buechel, not paying West Buechel's Net Profits Tax now, and by not paying West Buechel's other incomprehensible business tax from before.

So, that's the type of shit I think about first thing in the morning. Maybe it's just the time of year that I'm tuning into this whole "tax cheat" vibe.

Have a nice day. 

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