Monday, January 5, 2015

Zoom on 4700 Champion Trace Lane

Clearly, West Buechel is a cat magnet. Like any other feral cat, when I see something new I want to check it out. 4700 Champion Trace Lane is interesting, when you look at it from outer space. There is a 4.6 acre parcel of land that stretches the whole length of Fountain Square Drive between the apartments and Beargrass Creek, which flows next to Champion Trace Lane.

There are two large interconnected lagoons and a 15,000 sq. ft. office building, all owned by a Kentucky company named 4700 Champion Trace LLC,   and this organization is owned and managed by Chris Thieneman. The office building is rented to Seven Counties Services, Inc. which is nice. Seven Counties provides community mental health and social services. Some of Seven Counties' services include help for school children with behavioral problems and  also adult mental health services.

I know for a fact there are at least a few residents of West Buechel who should make an appointment.

I guess the lagoons are there for storm runoff, sewage overflow or for somebody who runs a catfish farm. If I were 13 years old, I'd want to swim there, which is probably a really stupid idea.

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