Saturday, January 31, 2015

West Buechel's Personnel Policy and Procedures Handbook

West Buechel has a printed comb-bound Personnel Policy and Procedures Handbook. It exists. I have a scanned copy, missing only pages 103 - 116, inclusive, page 121 and page 164. The freaking awesome copy machine in City Hall is also a scanner with an automatic sheet feeder.

The only glitch, besides the missing pages, was that every other page was scanned upside-down.

User error, no doubt. I've never received training as copy machine operator in the 21st Century.

So, I stayed up until midnight last night flipping the even numbered pages around so that all the pages are now pointed in the same direction. There were 154 pages total scanned, not counting the 16 missing pages. Fun times Friday night in West Buechel. There's an old song about it. "Too Old to Rock-n-Roll. Too Young to Die." 
Anyone can have a copy of the PDF file from me. Just ask me.

It's a whopping 160 Mb in size, since it is 154 scanned page-images at 300dpi. I have not yet cranked out the OCR software to convert the scanned images to text, but I will. Someday. It's a huge pain in the ass doing OCR text conversion since you have to proof-read every freaking word and punctuation mark. TWICE. With two people reading it out loud back and forth to each other.

Or, for about $16 in copy charges, you can get a printout, not bound, from the City Clerk's office. I'll give a copy of my PDF file to Sherri so that she can print it on demand. 

This Personnel Policy and Procedures Handbook answers a lot of questions. I'm certain I can find the missing pages if ever I am allowed back into City Hall, which might not happen if I continue to speak my mind.

I lost count of how many times this week, in random conversation with several people about different topics, someone told me "Don't write about this!"

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