Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Two folks from Frankfort

Two official folks from Frankfort arrived at West Buechel City Hall yesterday afternoon, and they spent two hours or more asking questions, but not getting many answers. The State Auditors have arrived on a scouting expedition. They will tell our new Mayor, Rick Richards, what documents are needed for them to do a meaningful audit.

Finding  these financial documents is not impossible, but it will take some considerable amount of time. We can go back seven years and recover nearly everything, and see exactly where all the money went.

All the city finances, with a few exceptions, were controlled directly by former Mayor Fowler herself and she's not one to keep accurate records. The financial paper work at ground level in City Hall is a mess. It is incomplete.As the story goes, former Mayor Fowler wanted to save trees by not using paper, so putting it in writing was not encouraged. No doubt erasing her hard drive saved a few trees as well.

Amazingly, it has been difficult for the new administration to learn exactly how many bank accounts in how many different banks still hold City money, or open credit card accounts and bank loans. It seems West Buechel had a PayPal account, but after you ask yourself, "Why?" you can only scratch your head and wonder.

These are mysteries that should not exist.

The real mystery is why the people of West Buechel put up with this crap for so long. I scratch my head and wonder.

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