Saturday, January 3, 2015

Predicting the past

"No victory is final and no defeat is complete." 

The past is the best predictor of the future for the simple and universally recognized reason that human beings are creatures of habit and they are a lot like cows.

Former Mayor Sharon Fowler clearly has a long past habit of running for elected office in the City of West Buechel.  If this is an indicator, I expect that she will run again at the next opportunity. The next opportunity will be the 2016 City Council election.

This all depends upon Fowler remaining a resident in West Buechel. Being a resident of the City is a requirement for every elected office. As we all already know, being a convicted felon would not stop her from running and winning an election.

Former Mayor Fowler is currently renting a house in the thirty-seven hundred block of Ethel Avenue.

I say if Fowler is still a resident in West Buechel this time next year, she will definitely run for City Council in 2016. But, if she moves out of the City, that will end that dream for sure.

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