Sunday, January 11, 2015

Mayor Sharon's hard drive is wiped?

I heard that former Mayor Fowler told new Mayor Rick Richards that she erased the hard drive on her office computer at City Hall.

This hearsay needs to be verified, one way or another.

If it is the truth, the hard dive should be removed from the computer and sent off to a data recovery specialist to see, if possible, what was "erased."

Then, a new hard drive could be mounted in the computer case and the software reinstalled, assuming the original software CDs can be located. The computer in the Mayor's office could then be used. Now it cannot be used. Any actual use of the computer now would run the risk of rendering the erased data files unrecoverable.

I volunteer to do this for the City. I was co-owner of Complete Computer Works in Clarksville, Indiana from 1987 to 1991 with my ex-wife, before she X'd me. I built and sold more than a thousand personal computers during that time.

If you know the meaning of the personal computer terms "XT" or "AT," it has great meaning.

It means that you are OLD!

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