Monday, January 5, 2015

Mayor Rick on teevee

This story is not about West Buechel's new Mayor, Rick Richards.

This story is about the damn Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) kicking in somebody's front door because Mom generously shared her prescription pain pills with her son and she was goofy enough to tell the FedEx driver exactly what she was shipping and even showed him the pills.

FedEx drivers are not slouches. They are all well trained. Quite naturally, the FedEx driver notified the proper authorities who then jumped on it.

The rules say that shipping Schedule I narcotic medications without the proper paperwork will put somebody's name at the top of The Blacklist. Thank goodness that sweet, generous, thoughtful and goofy Mom did not get busted and sent off to the living hell of Lawyer Land. Nope. It was Rick who got busted right after FedEx delivered Mom's drug shipment. The DEA kicked in Rick's front door and I slept right through it.

It wasn't cool and exciting like a cop meowing like a cat in the middle of the night.

This is how WHAS TV covered this story. LINK TO VIDEO.

Boring. Very boring.

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