Wednesday, January 7, 2015

It takes a cop to know a cop

If you have ever developed any talent in life you can easily spot someone who either does or does not know what he is doing in that area of your expertise. The basic rule is if you want to know the value of a gem, ask a jeweler.

The same goes for evaluating a cop's job performance. You never ask a criminal if the cop who busted him is a good or a bad cop, you ask another cop or several other cops. 

As I have previously mentioned, there are some factions that want Chief Sharp to be replaced. In my mind, the primary question is if Chief Sharp is currently performing his job responsibilities,  whatever they are, acceptably well.

That's my big problem. I can't tell the difference between a good Chief and a bad Chief just by looking at him and talking to him a little bit. I'm not a cop. I've never been a cop. I don't know what a Chief of Police actually does from day to day.

If the trick is to find the people who know the answers about Chief Sharp's job performance, the first place I'd look is to the ten cops that currently work for Chief Sharp.

I propose the following:

  1. A chief of police job performance review questionnaire be quickly developed.
  2. The questionnaire should cover seven to ten chief of police job evaluation areas, in multiple parts.
  3. Each part should be scored on a five-grade scale from sub-standard on the low end and excellent on the high end.
  4. The score from each part should be combined to produce an overall cumulative score.
  5. One copy of the questionnaire should be delivered to each current City cop employee below the level of Chief.
  6. The anonymity of the questionnaire survey should be guaranteed and foolproof. The cops filling out this survey should feel confident that their honest responses will never come back to bite them.
  7. Each cop should be paid $50 when his or her completed questionnaire is returned. Why? Because life is short and filling out a long questionnaire is a big pain in the ass. 

Then, we should have a much better idea if Chief Sharp is doing a good job, or not. 

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