Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I blame it on the dog

I know for a fact that former Mayor Sharon Fowler has a thing for police dogs. Fowler's dog Apollo is a big German Shepherd guard dog who routinely annoys the neighbors with his barking. I've seen him in her fenced yard.

I heard that when former Mayor Fowler went to the Kroger parking lot in the past, all she saw was drug deals happening there. Maybe she did. These days all I see in in the Kroger parking lot are grifters running "I really need gas money" scams.

So, former Mayor Fowler imagined that a police drug dog was needed to solve the Kroger parking lot drug trade. She pushed her Police Chief in the direction of getting a police drug dog, but he thought it was a goofy idea.

It's not smart to stand between Fowler and something she wants..

According to WDRB (LINK to WDRB April 28, 2014 news story), former Police Chief Jeff Manning resigned because of the police dog thing and Fowler appointed Gary Sharp as interim police chief. The City Council rejected Sharp's appointment by a three-to-two vote with one abstention. Lint to WDRB May 1, 2014 news story, West Buechel council rejects mayor's choice for new police chief.

Chief Sharp was willing to go along with Fowler's desire to get a police dog probably because Sharp wanted the Chief's job and he would not have gotten the appointment otherwise. 

So they got a police dog. The dog's name is Maxx. I doubt that a police drug dog is really all that useful around West Buechel, but I don't know for sure.

As far as I can tell from this internet thing, the West Buechel City Council never did vote to approve Gary Sharps' appointment as Chief.

NOTE: MAJOR REVISION: According to a WDRB-TV News story from July 14, 2014, the West Buechel City Council did ultimately approve Gary Sharp's appointment as Chief of Police. LINK to story - Gary Sharp named permanent chief of West Buechel Police Department.  Unfortunately, the Minutes from the July, 2014 City Council meeting are not posted on the City's website. The June, 2014 Minutes are posted and the August, 2014 Minutes are posted, but the July Minutes are not posted. Good grief!  

Former Mayor Fowler has left yet another mess for new Mayor Rick Richards to clean up.

The only question I have is if Gary Sharp has done a good job as Police Chief these last seven months. If the answer is "yes," then I say keep him and get on with more important problems.

Don't shoot the Sheriff!

If wasting taxpayer money is a shooting offense, the City Council should host a circular firing squad tonight.


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