Thursday, January 15, 2015

Fowler's bad management hits West Buechel's credit

Not for lack of money, but because of former Mayor Sharon Fowler's bad management, the City of West Buechel has received a letter, dated January 2, 2015, from Synchrony Bank lowering Buechel's Sam's Club Business Credit account limit.

This adverse credit determination resulted from Buechel's delinquencies for more than two billing cycles, excessive balances, past due amounts and other bad credit reports through Equifax.

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  1. Through all the gossip seems like 2 clerks were setting up the former treasurer.Rumors state she was fired for asking questions about Sharon's spending,has she talked any? I know one former worker stated Sharon was plotting for months to get rid of her because she wouldn't do anything foul and had issues with the Chief.


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