Friday, January 9, 2015

Force multiplier

For a police officer to watch more than one place at the same time is definitely a 21st Century event.

The technology now exists and it is very affordable to do what was expensive just a few years ago. The technology exists for an all-weather video camera to view and record the Community Center basketball court, for example. A WBPD cop could be watching that live Community Center video feed  while sitting in a  patrol car in the Walmart parking lot.

This would not require the purchase of any expensive hardware that will quickly become obsolete. WBPD patrol cars are already equipped with tablet computers connected to the Internet. The video cameras are cheap and all the rest is a monthly charge from a service provider like ADT.

There is no need for the City to buy video recording equipment. The monitoring service, like that provided by ADT, comes with video recording and thirty day retention in off-site secure digital storage servers. If something happens at the basketball court that might expose the City to liability, or if a crime were committed there, a video recording of the event would be useful to have.

If it doesn't work out, the service can be terminated without much out-of-pocket loss, but it may be the only way to prove the existence of the elusive meowing policeman.

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