Tuesday, January 13, 2015

City travel expense per diems - Opinion poll

West Buechel City Ordinance 2007:215 currently provides that if a City employee must travel out of town on City business, they will receive a $50 per day per diem as reimbursement for food and incidental expenses resulting from being away from home.

Council Member Loy Crawford introduced an Ordinance at Tuesday's regular Council meeting to amend City Ordinance 2007:215 to double the amount of the per diem to $100 per day and to make it available to City Council Members only. Regular City employees would not receive the per diam when they travel on City business if Council Member Loy Crawford's proposed amendment is passed into law.

What's your opinion on this proposed change?

Should City employees be excluded from being paid a travel per diem?

Are you for or against this proposed change?

Click this link to the Grapevine's home page and vote in the online poll on the upper right side.

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  1. Regarding adding the city council members to the ordinance to give them - and ONLY them - a $100 per day per diem, I want to know what they do beyond meeting once a month for a few hours, something already covered in their $350/month salary?

    Do council members travel to Frankfort, for example, to lobby on behalf of West Buechel?

    Do they visit out of town corporate CEO's to try and lure more jobs to our little city?

    Or do they visit far-flung but well-run small cities to see just HOW that task is done?

    And what I'd REALLY like to know is the rationale behind removing the city's hourly employees from receiving a per diem IF their travel beyond a reasonable driving range from home is actually justified and/or necessary.

    Especially since none of them is receiving anywhere near the $100+ per hour salary that our council members make!


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