Friday, January 2, 2015

All along the watchtower

I never had a job that required me to be ready to rock-n-roll on the cold, wet, dark streets at 6 AM the morning after New Years Day, and to be a damn hero if that was needed. The minor electrical fire in the 37 hundred block of Marvin Avenue could have been a lot worse. The guy who still lives there unharmed is an invalid.

 Photo credit: Rick Richards

But it could have been a lot worse than that.

The emergency 911 operator could have said, "Sorry, but you're on your own."

Somebody always shows up when the need is great.

This one is for all the men and women who put their asses on the line any time of day or night, every day, and who show up when the need is great.  This song is for those who keep the watch in the dark of night.

Eric Clapton & Lenny Kravitz do Hendrix doing Dylan

All Along The Watchtower

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