Monday, December 29, 2014

West Buechel truck stories

Right. I totally hallucinated the Ford F-450 before. It's only a Ford F-250 in actual fact, and it is clearly used to push a snow plow and to haul a 20 foot flatbed trailer loaded with 50 pound bags of ice melt.
Whoever routinely drives this City of West Buechel Ford F-250 (not at F-450), however, is a total paperwork slob, as you can see.  

There are a few more factual updates regarding trucks.

The Ford F-150 that had been sitting for a long time as pictured . . .

. . .  is really licensed to the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

And, this pickup was moved this afternoon. From the looks of some markings on the pickup, it may have been sold by the Commonwealth as surplus. Did the City buy that state-owned Ford F-150, or was the City just providing a parking space for it?

I don't know.

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