Tuesday, December 9, 2014

There really ARE Christmas food baskets in West Buechel

Twenty-two food baskets, to be precise, will be given to twenty-two deserving households this year.

It is a basic Christian human ethic at work. "Follow me," Jesus said, "Feed the hungry." And so it has been for years, every year, here in West Buechel. With no taxpayer money involved. It works with volunteers and generous donors. Most of the money comes from local businesses, but if you have ever bought a dollar candy bar at the City Clerk's Office, you've made a small contribution to the program yourself.

The Christmas food baskets almost count as a West Buechel tradition, and I'm a little surprised some people don't know about it. Bad marketing and a failure to communicate.

Does this mean there hasn't been any crookedness in City Hall? No, It doesn't mean that at all.

It means is there are some really good people in City Hall too.

When I find out the names of the businesses who donated to the West Buechel Christmas food baskets this year, I'll give them a shout-out.

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