Sunday, December 28, 2014

The word according to Loy: Use it or lose it

Only in West Buechel have one-third of the new City Council cruised next to my home and stopped for a long chat. Loy and Clara Crawford did so yesterday. As you can see from this photo, Clara found me to be very boring.

Loy's message to West Buechel was, "Use it or lose it." He was talking about the City's Community Center on St. Francis Ave. I was thinking about a certain Ford F-450 monster truck and wondering if West Buechel also had a big horse trailer that needed towing around and I didn't know about it.

Loy also expressed what struck me as a very curious opinion. Loy thinks that City Council Members cannot even talk to each other in private without violating Kentucky's Open Meeting Law.

That may explain why the City Council can't get anything done if the only time they talk to each other is AT a monthly Council meeting. It is mildly crazy, in my opinion.

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