Friday, December 5, 2014

Speculative journalism

Gossip generally is not held to a high standard for factual accuracy. It's gossip, for pity sake! A certain optimal quantity of distortion, fabrication and fiction is necessary for cooking up quality gossip, but it can be a fine line between good gossip and bullshit.

I have confirmed to my own satisfaction through credible informants that an employee with City of West Buechel was fired by Mayor Fowler about two weeks ago for reasons unknown.

If I take that fact and mix it in with Wednesday's gossip, Mirage, rumor or shadow of things to come?, about a possible sexual harassment lawsuit against the City, a new recipe for tasty gossip emerges.

This is the new gossip for today: A recently terminated City employee is thinking about suing Mayor Fowler for sexual harassment.


Remember this: Sitting around making shit up is fairly easy. 

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